Melimoto "HAWKER" Textile Motorcycle Trousers

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Constructed with the all weather all terrain motorcyclist in mind, the "hawker" trousers are highly durable, comfortable element beaters.

Features :-
* Removable, zip fitted, full thermal quilted lining for summer/winter use.
* Pocketed, removable knee and hip protectors.
*Storm seal, Velcro and zip, crotch and ankle fastening.
*Anti slip posterior section.
*Two stormseal front zip pockets.
*Elasticated upper knee and lower back sections.
*Strap buckles for braces.
*Inbuilt shin protection sections.
*Adjustable waist, thigh and calf straps
*Reflective stripe details. 
*Reinforced crotch area for for wear resilience.

Material :- 
Cordura Nylon Polyester
Sizes :-
M. L, XL Please see sizing chart.